Lee Hambley

Founder, Consultant, Software Engineer

Hamburg, Germany

We instrument quite a lot of our code, especially with StatsD. It's so easy to implement, it's basically a no-brainer. The overhead of the UDP packets is so low that you can afford to instrument pretty much everything.

There is one pretty large mental investment cost centre though, which is what to do about collecting, graphing, logging, rotating, storing and analysing all the collected StatsD data.

Those questions are best answered in production (we like collectd, Graphite with the Graphene frontend) by your Ops team.

To simplify local development, I wanted something so that I could see my instrumentation easily in the console, whenver I thought that I might need it:

We use foreman for most development projects and thus we save this little script as ./bin/statsd, change the mode to +x so that we can run it, and add this line to our Procfile

statsd: ./bin/statsd

The term-ansicolor gem makes the statsd lines standout really clearly, and we can rest assured that in the production environment that nothing bad will happen because of different logging configs.

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